Thomas Birke


The story behind the 6th image down (taken in Seoul) is particularly interesting:

“My last shot from Inwangsan. I am still angry when I see the image! The light was perfect, the air as well and the next shot would have been to the right, with Myeng-Dong and the Ingwansan – which is one of the most iconic views in Seoul. I still feel it would have been one of my few masterpieces.

BUT – unfortunately there are several military posts on every mountain in seoul, and they made it absolutely clear that I am not allowed to shoot and had to pack instantly. I tried to discuss and let them explain why, but they hardly spoke any english.”

This chap’s work is just epic in every sense of the word! Clearly a lot of love, (exposure) time and energy (carrying his 25kg P2 Sinar) goes into each carefully composed shot and it shows. I definitely recommend you check out his frequently updated Flickr where you can view his work even larger than you see here.


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