Matthew Donaldson Shoots Kvadrat Campaign




Photography by Matthew Donaldson.
Matthew Donaldson is represented by M.A.P London & M.A.P New York.

Tyrone Lebon







Tyrone Lebon Shoots Cara Delevingne for i-D. Top model Cara Delevingne stars along a cast of photographer Tyrone Lebon’s friends & family and unzips in a short striptease film for i-D magazine.

Photography and film direction by Tyrone Lebon, styling by Charlotte Stockdale, Cara’s hair by Shon, extras’ hair by Christiaan, makeup by Petro Petrohilos, set design by Poppy Bartlett, ‘It’s Good To Be Regular’ hand painted backdrop by Worthy Hands, type by Edward Quarmby, retouching by Matt Doyle at Art Media Partners, casting by Camilla Arthur Casting. Models: Cara Delevingne at Storm, Claudia Sinclair, Kit Skurikhina, Tessa Edwards, Sophia Kerrison, Frank Lebon, Mark Lebon, Marc Newson, Dinos Chapman, Christiaan Houtenbos, Charles Aboah. Production by Lucie Newbegin at M.A.P London.

Scheltens Abbenes








Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes

Scheltens & Abbenes are the sum total of the unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist/stylist. Technical perfection added to individual handicraft, strong pictorial clarity in addition to tailor-made styling. Combining their distinct but partly overlapping fields of expertise, Scheltens & Abbenes create commissioned photographs for cultural institutions and large companies (Vitra, Nike, Hermes, Viktor & Rolf) and editorials for magazines (Fantastic Man, Wallpaper, Another Magazine).

Essential to their work is the process in the studio where they construct their settings. A laborious process, in which Scheltens & Abbenes continuously move things around, painstakingly join pieces together and adjust little details. Scheltens & Abbenes take absolute liberty with their objects. Instead of presenting the objects as plain sellable products, they often manipulate and utilize them as building blocks for new compositions. The autonomous artistic quality of the photograph always has to prevail.

Scheltens & Abbenes deliberately choose to operate both in the field of applied and autonomous art and use them as breeding ground for one another. By the same logic, they will also continue their individual practices, Maurice Scheltens as a still-life photographer, Liesbeth Abbenes as an artist making wall tapestries.

Thomas Birke


The story behind the 6th image down (taken in Seoul) is particularly interesting:

“My last shot from Inwangsan. I am still angry when I see the image! The light was perfect, the air as well and the next shot would have been to the right, with Myeng-Dong and the Ingwansan – which is one of the most iconic views in Seoul. I still feel it would have been one of my few masterpieces.

BUT – unfortunately there are several military posts on every mountain in seoul, and they made it absolutely clear that I am not allowed to shoot and had to pack instantly. I tried to discuss and let them explain why, but they hardly spoke any english.”

This chap’s work is just epic in every sense of the word! Clearly a lot of love, (exposure) time and energy (carrying his 25kg P2 Sinar) goes into each carefully composed shot and it shows. I definitely recommend you check out his frequently updated Flickr where you can view his work even larger than you see here.


Chris Sisarich


Born in New Zealand, Chris Sisarich has long been a location specialist. His cinematic style and acute sense of light and environment play a strong hand in his automotive, landscape and lifestyle portfolios.

Lauded by clients for his down-to-earth “can do” approach, Chris’ relaxed manner belies his rigorous attention to detail and commitment to realising perfect shots. It has been said that if there is one attribute that sets him apart in his field, it is his unerring ability to produce images without waste. All elements, even those that appear raw or spontaneous, meld seamlessly into a single cohesively memorable composition that never fails to draw the viewer’s unwavering attention to the core subject.