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Solution Greece? – Zak Group


Zak Group presents the Sternberg Press Solution series, edited by Ingo Niermann and designed by Zak Group beginning in 2008.

The Solution series invites authors to develop an abundance of compact and original ideas for countries and regions, contradicting the widely held assumption that after the end of socialism, human advancement is only possible technologically or requires a yet-to-be-established world order. In Solution 9: The Great Pyramid, Niermann writes: “When I told Rem Koolhaas about my title idea for the book series, he seemed earnestly alarmed. ‘Solution’ is a word he never uses. He demonstrated how his hand automatically begins to shake as soon as he even wants to write it.”

May 25 – June 16, 2012
OMMU, Athens

DIY PROJECT in collaboration with Rag & Bone featuring Tali Lennox

via: AnOther Magazine

Manifeste zur Veränderung der Gesellschaft



14.06.2012 – 02.09.2012

Während das Thema »Engagierte Kunst« bzw. »Engagierte Literatur« bei bildenden Künstlern und Literaten ganz geläufig ist, finden sich nur relativ wenige Beispiele für Architekten, die nicht nur Umwelt und Wohnform der Menschen verbessern, sondern mit ihren Manifesten und Bauten auch eine Veränderung der Gesellschaftsform bewirken wollten.

Vorgestellt werden das gesellschafts- und wirtschaftspolitische Engagement von Architekten und Theoretikern wie Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, Ebenezer Howard, Bruno Taut, Frank Lloyd Wright oder Frei Otto sowie die Versuche zur Erziehung eines neuen Menschen in Kommunehäusern und Bandstädten.

Der Blick auf Bemühungen zur Verbesserung oder Veränderung der Gesellschaftsform könnte helfen, die gegenwärtigen Diskussionen um die Bedeutung der gebauten Umwelt historisch zu vertiefen.

Weitere Informationen unter: Architekturmuseum der TU München

THE SKY by Eric Cahan

Photo taken at sunset at Two Mile Hallow, New York, at 7:22pm

Photo taken at sunset at Flying Point Beach, New York, at 7:51pm

The overwhelming pleasure of looking at the sky is the theme of Eric Cahan’s photographic work. The rich gradients of colour found in his photo series Sky are created through the use of multiple resin filters and a bit of luck. Cahan scouts locations across the Americas looking for the perfect sky. He prefers them to be cloudless, although sometimes a cloud makes its way in, and the colours must always be intense.

“This occurs within the first few minutes of a sunrise or the last few of a sunset,” says Cahan. Such as the sunset photographed at Two Mile Hollow, New York, at 7:22pm. “Skies filled with pollution do not work,” says Cahen, “as the haze does not reproduce well.” It gives the New York City native a good reason to escape the city from time to time.

Lucy McRae

Bild 10

Chlorophyll Skin is a film experimenting with color, movement, absorption and the body. Other liquid experiments are powered by windscreen wiper machines and a live show incorporates a stethoscope to to record sounds.